Stand Up Paddleboards

Name: Tracey Engelking Age: 38 Home: San Clemente, CA, but, born and raised in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York
  • 7'11 CM Ultimate
  • 9'4 CM Ultimate
  • 10'6 ATR
  • 9' Custom CM Torque
Inspirations: My Grandma K's la joie de la vie, Jesus's simple direction to "Love one another as I have shown you Love." and my husband Chads ability to put up with my nonsense and shenanigans (Seriously, I get up at 5am bouncing off the walls!! How that poor man has made it 13 years with me is CrAZy!) Goals: To live an endless life of fun and good times with my husband and son. Achievements: Getting sponsored by Hobie, and staying sponsored by Hobie by having the absolute bare minimum amount of skill required to be a team rider. ;) Also, I got mad Sherpa skills, I'm like an ant, I can carry like 5 times my body weight... Favorite Place to SUP: Is this a real question?? In the water... Duh??!! Favorite Food: Gluten Free anything! Favorite Tunes: John Denver Best SUP Moment: : Teaching kids from the Best Day Foundation, Miracles for Kids and CHOC... <3 <3 <3 Claim to Fame: Becoming the Worlds First Professional "Lifestyle Athlete". You know you are jelly you didn't think of it first... Website or Blog: Facebook a girl!!!