Stand Up Paddleboards

Name: Byron Kurt Age: 47 Home: Dana Point, CA
  • 12'6 Elite Race
  • 8'4 CM Ultimate
Inspirations: Family and great performances by others. Goals: To inspire others to be the best they can be Achievements: To have such a great family and friends. Without either you have nothing. Favorite Place to SUP: Any where there is wind and waves and surfing breaks with friends. Favorite Food: Mexican! Favorite Tunes: Rock that has a good rhythm and hook Best SUP Moment: Paddling with my family, that is really cool when you can all do a sport together while having fun. You can never get back or replace moments like this. Claim to Fame: Finishing in the top third of an Ironman Triathlon and winning the 11 City Tour because of the mental and physical preparation needed to finish races like these. Also shooting 2 under par 70 with my now deceased good friend/boss Matt Christiansen. Website or Blog: Not a big self promoter however I do have a facebook page.