Stand Up Paddleboards

Name: TJ Saeman Age: 26 Home: Laguna Beach, CA
  • 12'6 Elite
  • 8'4" CM Ultimate
Inspirations: Dad, Mom, and Bird Dog, Chucky P, T Ditty, Long Brothers Goals: Take over the world and surf all the big waves around here, and run a successful Landscape company Achievements: Graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and shot 30 ducks in a morning hunt alone Favorite Place to SUP: Not SanO, but sometimes SanO when its good Favorite Food: Paninis and Carne Asada tacos from Oscars house Favorite Tunes: Everything country Best SUP Moment: Everytime I take a 20 footer on the head with a SUP attached to my leg and feeling the leash snap. Claim to Fame: Surfer/Cowboy Website or Blog: