Similar in shape to our Circa ’71, the C-4 is just as fast as the keel fin but with a bit more bite in the turns. The C-4’s secret is its double bump swallow tail (which make the tail slightly more pulled than the Circa ’71) and the quad fin set up. This board turns much tighter in the pocket so it goes well at your local beach break.

Length:5’6” – 6’10”
Width:20 1/2” – 22”
Thickness:2 3/8” – 3”
Tail: 16”
Glass:6oz. & 4oz. Regular
Fins:Lok Box quad fin
Color:Clear, air spray or resin color
Surfing Type:Extra drive out of your turns, Performance surfing & Strong Paddle
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Break, Reef Break (mellow or Steep), Beach Break

Available C-4s

This model is currently sold out, please contact your closest Hobie Surfboards authorized dealer or Hobie Surfboards in regards to custom ordering this model