Circa 71 Twin

This little board is one of the most addictive recreations with its wide center point, wide swallow tail and glassed on keel fins this board will fly under your feet & have you hooked by the first wave.

Length:5’4”- 6’6”
Width:20 7/8”
Thickness:2 1/2”
Tail: 2 1/2”
Glass:6oz. & 4oz.
Fins:glass on keel fins
Color:clear, air spray or resin
Surfing Type:Fast & responsive, Generates speed in smaller waves with ease.
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Break, Reef Break (mellow or steep), Beach Break

Available Circa 71 Twins

217400 5'9--Circa 71 Twin Tint: T&B ice blue; off set stringers diamond tail: shaper Gary Larson
217951 5'10--Circa 71 Twin Airbrush: B&R lemon yellow fade: shaper Gary Larson
217958 5'11--Circa 71 Twin Airbrush: T&B black w/ white wash sand thru: shaper Gary Larson
316331 5'9--Circa 71 Twin Tint: T&B avacado green;sanded gloss wood glass on fins: shaper Gary Larson
316355 5'10--Circa 71 Twin Tint: T&B lavender; tail patch gloss & polish w/ red glass on fins: shaper Gary Larson