Soap Bar

The Bar of Soap is one of the fastest boards you can ride. With surface area and Hydrodynamics on your side you can carve, snap, noseride, and bassically fly in a down the line on a wave. Inspired by Bob Simmons and Richard Kenvin. This board is available in a 2 or 4 fin set up and works best in long open faced waves but has been tested proven to work in Hollow beach break and reef breaks.

Length:5'4 - 6'6
Width:20 7/8
Thickness:2 1/2
Tail: 16 3/4
Glass:6oz & 4oz
Fins:glass on keel fins
Color:clear, air spray, or resin tint
Surfing Type:Fast & Responsive, generates speed in smaller waves with ease
Best Wave Height:6' & Under
Wave Type:Point Break, Reef Break(Mellow or Steep), Beach Break

Available Soap Bars

218660 6'6 H-905--Soap Bar Tint: T&B sandy tan; sanded gloss
218707 5'6 H-900--Soap Bar Tint: T&B dk. blue
219021 5'5 H-948--Soap Bar Tint: T&B lime green
219022 5'4 H-947--Soap Bar Tint: T&B emerald green; quad
219024 5'3 H-945--Soap Bar Tint: T&B red
219025 5'4 H-944--Soap Bar Tint: T&B Teal