Available Spitfires

217469 9'0--Spitfire Tint: B&R white w/ bottom inlay of dk eggplant black and a pop of magenta; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217476 9'6--Spitfire Tint: B&R magenta egg plant blue red w/ ice blue inlay; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217496 9'4--Spitfire Tint: B&R tortise shell green w/ abstract & blk. pin; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217528 9'8--Spitfire Tint: T&B red w/ mixed blue color splash; added length 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
217529 9'8--Spitfire Airbrush: T&R white- army- olive- white; added length: shaper Sean Bailey
217907 9'6--Spitfire hot Coat: T&B Black sand thru: shaper: Sean Bailey
217923 9'0--Spitfire Tint: T&B army green: shaper Sean Bailey
217924 9'2--Spitfire Tint: B&R ice blue w/ red & wht swirls; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
217925 9'0--Spitfire Tint: B&R ice blue-olive-white; 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
217926 9'2--Spitfire Tint: T&B red w/ black sand thru and blk. abstract; 2+1; shaper Sean Bailey
217935 9'4--Spitfire Airbrush: ice blue rails;2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
217936 9'4--Spitfire Tint: B&R volan green w/ blk. & wht. swirl; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey