Uncle Buck

Team rider Bucky Barry designed the “Uncle Buck Model”, which has now become one of our most popular Noseriders. This is a straight up nasal log that has a very unique classic look to it. The “Uncle Buck” has deep nose concave running almost half the length of the board fading into rolled Vee in the tail. Classic 50/50 flowing to 60/40 rails with a wide blunt nose, wider center point pulling into a smaller tail block that most noseriders really giving this board a great look and ride in the water. This board is meant to hang in the pocket to keep you up on the tip long enough to comb

Width:23 1/4”
Thickness:2 7/8”
Nose:19 1/4”
Tail: 16”
Stringers:T – Band
Glass:6oz. regular
Fins:Hobie removable fin or glass on (wood or fiberglass)
Color:Clear or resin tint
Surfing Type:Great Noserider, Classic Surfing & Great Paddle
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Break & Mellow Reef

Available Uncle Bucks

218748 9'6--Uncle Buck Airbrush: orange & green rail panels; added length sanded gloss: shaper Sean Bailey
219009 10'0--Uncle Buck Tint: B&R multi color panel blocks w/ olive deck inlay; sanded finsih added length: shaper Sean Bailey
316012 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint T&B mango; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
316024 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint T&B cream w/ chalky white abstract: shaper Josh Martin
316175 9'4--Uncle Buck  
316178 9'6--Uncle Buck Tint: B&R 50% cream w/ white pins; volan deck/tail patch: shaper: Sean Bailey
316179 9'6--Uncle Buck T&B grape w/deck/tail patches: shaper Sean Bailey
316190 9'5 Buckzaster--Uncle Buck Tint: T&B 1 drop teal: shaper Gary Larson
316341 9'5 UB2--Uncle Buck Tint: B&RYellow w/ blue inlay: shaper Gary Larson
316352 9'6 UB2--Uncle Buck Clear w/ volan deck/tail patches;sanded gloss: shaper Gary Larson